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An introduction to Furoshiki

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese fabric wrapping cloth which can be used time and time again and in a multitude of different ways. One of the primary uses for furoshiki is for easy, zero-waste gift wrapping.

Furoshiki Wrap Company is based in North Devon and is on a mission to reduce the waste from gifting in the UK by promoting the use of furoshiki.

Why use furoshiki fabric gift wrap?

Furoshiki are a fabulous, reusable, wrapping paper alternative. They are:

  • zero-waste

  • Easy to use

  • Perfect for wrapping awkward shapes

  • Multi-purpose

  • Look beautiful

  • Add an extra dimension to any gift

 furoshiki gift wrap

Furoshiki wrapping techniques

Wrapping with furoshiki is simple and only requires the furoshiki itself, which is secured by knots. Here is the basic technique for wrapping with this fabric wrapping paper:

Check out the Furoshiki Wrap Company social media accounts for lots of video guides and wrapping inspiration: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube

Want to learn more about Furoshiki? 

Stay tuned for future blog posts where Furoshiki Wrap Company will be sharing more about:

  • Furoshiki history and gifting etiquette

  • Other uses for furoshiki 

  • Using furoshiki at Christmas

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