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Recycled and Upcycled Birthday Wrapping Paper Alternatives

We love the uniqueness of upcycled or recycled gift wrapping - here are five of our favourite ways to wrap a gift the eco-friendly way!

1. Use Fabric to create a unique and re-usable gift wrap.

Green Recycled Sari Fabric Gift Wrap


 The art of Furoshiki is both beautiful and sustainable.

The amazing thing is, you can use almost any material - an old pillow case, a scarf, a tea towel... the possibilities are endless.

If you haven't got anything at home, here at Planetwrapit, we love the recycled sari silk wraps (pictured above) and we also love The Furoshiki Wrap Company who make the most beautiful fabric wraps which can be used over and over again!

Using fabric to wrap presents is also completely plastic free!

2. Grab that Sheet Music....

Upcycled Sheet Music Wrapping Paper

It's time to dig out those archives and get creative! Choosing old sheet music for wrapping paper is both nostalgic and looks great! Team up with some biodegradable twine or upcycled ribbon to finish the look! 

(Picture credit:

3. Use an old map for a travel lover!

We all know someone who loves to travel - if you want to create a truly unique gift wrapping experience, grab an old map (there is always lots at charity shops to choose from) and create something beautiful from something old!

4. Upcycle a comic or glossy magazine to create a unique look.

Comic newspaper wrapping paper

Super simple yet super effective! Save on the recycling by putting aside your favourites to use as wrapping paper at a later date. We love this example by Orange Gift Bag and it is guaranteed to make any recipient young or old smile!

5. Choose recycled wrapping paper that gives back to the planet and/or our communities.

Hedgehog wrapping paper and card

If you need to buy wrapping paper, it's always best to choose recycled and from somewhere that gives back to our planet and/or our communities. Our range of recycled wrapping paper is made from at least 80% post consumer paper waste and we plant trees from our sales - so far we have planted over 400 trees across the world.

Alternatively, buying wrapping paper from charitable organisations such as from Oxfam can help raise much needed funds for good causes.

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