One tree planted for every order 🌳

What we're doing - #Planet50k

So you care about our planet... Hello! We've been expecting you! 

Maybe you are wondering what #Planet50k means? 

It's pretty simple (and we'd love for you to get involved in our hashtag) - put simply, we're planting trees rather than chopping them down.

We want to raise awareness that a staggering 227,000 miles of gift wrap are used in the UK each year, resulting in around 50,000 trees being chopped down....

Incase you were wondering how far that is, it is equivalent to travelling 29 times around the UK Coastline! 

If you can even begin to imagine how much wrapping paper that is, most of it can't be recycled due to contamination from foil, glitter and unrecyclable inks and it goes straight to landfill.

We're doing things differently. For every 10 sheets of wrapping paper we sell, we plant a tree.

Our wrapping paper is 100% recycled AND 100% recyclable, we care about our planet and we don't believe you should sacrifice. Affordable, eco-friendly and game changing.