Surprise Roll Bundles (Random Colours/Prints)

Surprise Roll Bundles (Random Colours/Prints)

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Rolls or part rolls of 'imperfectly perfect' wrapping paper - we have lots of part rolls, a surprise bundle may consist of a mixture of colours, types and lengths possibly including Christmas Gift Wrap.

Our imperfectly perfect range consists of our slight seconds - still beautiful but with imperfections! The imperfections might be because they were printed too long or slightly too short, slight print errors, blemishes or scuffed/slightly torn edges.

All of the paper in the range is perfectly suitable to use for wrapping gifts and any paper which didn't make the grade is re-used for our packaging!


  • Free from solvent based inks, glitter, foil and other non-recyclable contaminants.
  • Free from plastic packaging.
  • Fully recyclable with household paper waste.
  • The ink cartridges we use are made with recycled ocean plastic and are further recyclable.  

We advise that you use paper tape when wrapping your gifts as plastic based rolls contaminate the recycling process. Paper which is soiled with food or grease should also not be recycled.

Paper and Ink Specifications

Slightly textured recycled kraft paper (50gsm) made from recycled materials (80% recycled materials, 20% kraft paper to add strength), colour-washed on one side and brown kraft colour on the other side. 

We use water based inks as they are much kinder to our health and the planet.