Wooden Pocket Flower Press

Wooden Pocket Flower Press

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A beautiful Wooden Pocket Flower Press

The perfect addition to any craft collection - easy to use, lightweight and pocket friendly.

Made and produced in Leeds, UK.

  • Safely press your flora in the pocket press so your plant materials stay intact. Fasten using the elastic bands and pop the press in your pocket.
  • The press comes complete with 5 sheets of corrugated card and 8 of sugar paper to give ample space to press flowers.
  • Information on how to begin collecting and pressing flora is also included.

Item Specifics


12 x 8cm


-6mm plywood
-Card and paper oblongs
-Silicone Rubber bands to avoid loss of elasticity


- Info card fastened to back of each press with product image and ‘how to use’ information.


- Lasercut printed plywood
- Die-Cut oblongs/packaging


Lasercut, printed and compiled in England